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Hey there, I'm Kristin, the girl behind the easel. And I'm so glad you're here. Most days you can find me creating away in my East Nashville studio. Though I hail from the great state of Texas, Tennessee has been my home since moving here just before college. After receiving my BA in Communications and Studio Art from East Tennessee State University, I spent a few years waiting tables and working desk jobs before getting up the gumption to test my skills as a maker. In June of 2014, I launched Winsome Easel on little more than a prayer and some painted slips of paper. And that's still pretty much the basis of operations today. 


My hope is that Winsome Easel can be set apart and known for creating pieces that speak unique truths. We all have occasions in life when we can't find the just-right words to fit the moment. Either the joy is too great or the sorrow too new or the hope too fragile. These are the moments I create for. Winsome Easel doesn't exist just to add pretty pictures to gallery walls. My genuine hope is that I can create work that will remind you of truths your soul can't afford to forget. 

But the story doesn't end with you. A portion of all Winsome Easel sales goes toward fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery through an End It Movement partner organization called Made in a Free World. Your purchase is helping make a difference in the global story of freedom!


I'm the girl who sings along with the music in her headphones in the middle of a crowded coffee shop because she forgot she was in public. Speaking of coffee, I'll take a black americano, please and thank you. People who are giving their lives away to something bigger than themselves are my favorite kind of humans (ie. moms, missionaries, etc.). I have a habit of napping in open fields, and one time the cops were called on me when a passer-by mistook me for a dead body. I will forever be a Texan, but these Tennessee hills have my heart. My least favorite things in life are snakes, needles, mustard, and long fingernails on men. I don't understand much of the darkness in this world, but somehow grace makes it all seem worth while. 




Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments, collaboration ideas, or just to grab a cup of coffee: kristin@winsomeeasel.com